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Biopetersherbs as our family business, was ‘born’ through an intense interest for the nature as for how its goods contribute to our health and our diet. It consists of biological fields and drainage establishments and completion of various jobs, about our biological perfume plants.

As a family, generation to generation we came into instant contact with the nature, from our childhood. All the family offered its time for the care of our fields and by this way, the curiosity to cultivate these special perfume plants with much love and desire, was born. We decided to take advantage of our Mediterranean climate of our country and cultivate biological herbs of high quality.

Our fields are situated a few kilometers away from Plastira’s Lake, in the County of Karditsa. At this place, at a sunny location, our plant grow in the best way. We have chosen that place due to its ground quality and its microclimate suitability, for the plant growth, which with their special qualitative characteristics, have an unusual big content in essential oils and active ingredients, something that you will understand yourselves when you try them.
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Pure form

We believe that the perfume plants should be available in their purest form so that someone can enjoy completely their nutritional and therapeutic qualities.

Rich aroma and taste

We work a lot, showing much respect to the earth, applying only environmentally friendly practices so that we can share with you natural dry herbs with a rich aroma and taste.

Herb drainage

Herb drainage is such an old method as the herds themselves so that through the correct drainage way, they preserve their natural colour and their rich taste.

High quality

Our goal is to create products of high quality that cover the modern human needs. The human who desires to know what exactly is what he uses, what it consists of and in which conditions it has been packaged:

ISO 22000

We should win your trust with our indisputable quality of our products, that you will choose for your purchase, which is reassured by ISO 22000 and which we hold.

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We get the instant post of the order where you choose to receive it.

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A biological cultivation demands a lot of time and effort as all the jobs are made manually avoiding the use of mechanical means so as not to change the excellent quality of our products.

All year round, we are at our fields, cutting pests whom we keep the roots as they help the ground to breathe and by this way our herbs stay strong and healthy without the use of some chemical product.

After a couple of months intensive care and growing enthusiasm, spring is the harvest time. Our daily job include manual harvest and the tying of our freshly cut production in bunches, which in order we hang in a dark and well ventilated space so that they can dry in a natural way. We are proud that we use this traditional method which holds the secret of its power and the aroma endurance of our herbs. Through all the endurance of the drainage, we enjoy with desire and we observe how the plants lose their moisture gradually changing their leaf colour.

Since they dry, we gather them in packages suitable for food, for their best protection.
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Our fields and our establishments can be visited after your telephone reach.
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